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Tips on minimizing negative effects of depression on relationships

Living with depression can impact your relationships with loved ones and friends. But there are ways to navigate interacting with others while managing your condition. Living with depression comes with challenges, including overcoming barriers to nourish and maintain meaningful relationships.   According to a 2015 study, couples indicated that depression negatively influenced their romantic relationships in the…

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Depression: A Resource Guide

Do you feel lost when it comes to coping with your depression? If the answer is yes, here are some helpful tips you can use in your everyday life. Living with depression isn’t easy. Feelings of hopelessness and emptiness can cloud your thinking, judgment, and worldview. It can even make you feel like you’re working…

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3 Tips to Stop Ruminating

Thinking about the past is natural. But what happens if you just can’t stop? Rumination may be upsetting, but there are ways to stop it. Memories of the past can connect you with parts of yourself that you’ve left behind. But persistently dwelling on your past, or thinking about events that already happened, may cause…

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