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We Offer Psychological Support to Those Who Need Either Simple Advice or Professional Psychotherapy

Here at Sanctum

We help you overcome psychological difficulties and build emotional resilence

At Sanctum our aim is to help you overcome psychological difficulties and distress while building the resilience and tools necessary to work towards living a full, meaningful life guided by your values and what matters most to you.

The aim of therapy is not only to reduce or remove unwanted psychological experiences but also to maximise our ability to live life the way we wish to by utilising the learning and skills from therapy.

At Sanctum we currently offer therapy to:

  1. Individuals
  2. Couples
  3. Families

Effective, confidential, timely and evidence-based

formulation-driven psychological therapies; tailored to your individual needs and difficulties

At Sanctum we offer a range of psychological therapies applicable to a wide range of presentations of psychological distress and the development of emotional resilience and wellbeing. These include:

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT)
Solution Focused  Brief Therapy (SFBT)
Behavioural Family Therapy (BFT)

Based on your current difficulties, the optimal therapy will be determined with your input. It may be that one therapy addresses your needs perfectly, or it may be that a tailored eclectic version that draws on the strengths of different therapies may be most appropriate. Your therapist will develop a ‘formulation’, a working understanding of your goals and/or difficulties with you, which will inform the choice of therapy or therapies likely to achieve the best outcomes.

The clinical efficacy and effectiveness of the formulation process and all of the abovementioned  therapies is supported with a wealth of clinical research. For further information regarding the therapies please click the ‘Read More’ button below.


Timely psychotherapy is therapy that is poised to intervene at the optimal time to secure the best possible outcomes in the shortest amount of time. This relies on a good understanding of client readiness for therapy and is why the initial consultation and early therapy sessions are so vital, as they allow for a roadmap for therapy to be developed and goals concerning both outcomes and timeframes to be established.


Psychological work is heavily rooted in the therapeutic alliance, or in other words the relationship between client and therapist.Fundamental to this is trust. As such everything discussed between client and therapist is privileged and absolutely confidential with the exception of 3 key circumstances, each relating to risk of harm. Confidentiality may need to be broken if:1) There is reason to believe the client is at risk of coming to harm2) There is reason to believe the client may harm someone else3) Information is shared detailing the risk of harm that may come to a third party.

Evidence-Based and Effective

Considering starting therapy can be a daunting prospect; with so many therapies available knowing which one is 'best' can feel like an impossible task. This is somewhat true, as no one therapy is considered the best, however various therapies are regarded as being better for certain types of psychological difficulties.These evaluations are made based on clinical efficacy trials which report on how effective a therapy is in producing positive outcomes for any given psychological presentation. At Sanctum we pride ourselves on only offering therapies that have globally-recognised, robust clinical evidence bases and which are recognised as being gold-standard treatment options in their effectiveness for generating positive psychological outcomes for clients.At Sanctum your therapist will hold international accreditation for all therapies offered.

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